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Making connections between resources and ideas.


We provide transformational experiences through the power of cross-cultural connections and the exchange of knowledge, opportunities, capital and ideas. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of advancements in science and technology for everyone.  We make connections with a purpose: facilitating innovation and human advancement around the world.

We match two types of clients:  those with knowledge, resources and business opportunities and those with innovative ideas.


In emerging markets who want to partner with an international corporation, enter new markets, learn how to launch, grow and succeed.


With business skills who want to mentor entrepreneurs in emerging markets for a more meaningful — and impactful — travel experience.


With the ambition and vision to be the disruptors of their own industries by partnering with the game-changers of tomorrow.

The Executive Team Of Equatorius.



At Equatorius, we’re big proponents of innovation, diversity and development — and human ingenuity as a catalyst for growth. It is our core belief that when innovators have access to resources, and when investors, corporations and professionals have access to opportunities, entire industries, and those they serve, benefit. It’s a classic win-win opportunity.

LAURENT ROTROFF | Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Laurent is an attorney licensed to practice in Massachusetts. She has a background in international law, having worked with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda formed under the United Nations, to which she provided an advisory memorandum on an issue of international law on genocide that was relied upon to convict multiple war criminals. She has also been involved in cases before the World Trade Organization.

Laurent has a background in finance having worked in the Global Corporate Investment Banking Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she was involved in leveraged capital markets syndication and specialized in international transactions, corporate aircraft deals, energy, healthcare and government transactions.

Drawing from her international and business expertise, Laurent formed Equatorius to encourage global connections and facilitate innovation and development in emerging markets.


Steven is an attorney licensed to practice in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey. He is a Partner at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP, an AmLaw 200 law firm.

He handles a broad array of commercial litigation, business bankruptcy, and bankruptcy litigation matters for clients throughout the US and internationally.

Given the depth of his experience, he has a thorough understanding of what it takes for a business, from an early-stage startup to a billion-dollar corporation, to succeed and flourish.

MARCO BARBOSA | Chief Technology Officer

Originally from Brazil, Marco moved to the United States to pursue a career in finance in the Global Corporate Investment Banking Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Marco has traveled to South Africa with the founder of Toms Shoes with the One for One Movement, which has given over 45 million shoes to children in need all over the globe. Marco left finance to launch In The Fourth Watch, an online marketplace for high-end timepieces, and B13 Studio, a creative and innovative web design firm that has attracted a number of high-profile clients, including one of Hollywood’s top film producers and entertainers.

With a background in computer science, coding, and technological development, Marco develops and oversees Equatorius’s technological operations.

PUNEET ACHARYA | India Director

Puneet is the Founder of Onyomark, a Mumbai-based technology company that bridges the gap between small and medium-sized enterprises and experts and provides an online platform for collaboration for on-demand projects.

Puneet is a graduate of St. Xavier’s College, a partner institution to Harvard University. While in college, Puneet co-founded a technology venture, where he served as the Chief Marketing Officer and led the strategic side of the venture.

In addition to working with numerous startups, his experience includes working with the Reserve Bank of India and as a Research Analyst with Quest Partners in Mumbai, where his focus is on consulting and technology.

RAKESH CHAVAN | India Liaison and Advisor

Rakesh is a healthcare practitioner, an early stage investor and serial entrepreneur having founded 3 startups.

He completed his Masters in Public Health (Health Policy, Economics & Finance) from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, and the London School of Economics, London. He was part of early cohort to complete innovations in healthcare through HarvardX, guided by Harvard Business School faculty members. Rakesh lead and implemented one of the largest emergency medical services initiative, a flagship program of government in India in the state of Maharashtra. He is an advisor to health-tech startups in the areas of strategy, compliance and innovation.

Rakesh is engaged with various bio-incubators and accelerators for fostering innovation in healthcare, life-sciences space. He advises venture capital funds for evaluation of health care startups.

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Equatorius matches international corporations, CEOs, business executives, investors and successful entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and owners of small to medium enterprises in emerging markets in need of business opportunities, advice, resources and capital.

Entrepreneurs provide the engine for innovation and human advancement. A robust entrepreneurial ecosystem provides jobs, stability and prosperity for local communities - and for the world. Providing the conditions for the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive is foundational for human progress.