There is tremendous power in big ideas.  But for big ideas to spark change, the people with the big ideas need access to the right resources.

At Equatorius, we provide a way for entrepreneurs to make connections with high-level businesspeople interested in sharing their professional knowledge, opening up their network, and assisting them in their venture.  By leveraging these professionals’ intellect, experience and connections, entrepreneurs could have the advantage that enables them to achieve their dreams and pioneer technological advancements for the benefit of humanity.

In addition, these professionals gain a sense of meaning that may be underdeveloped in their lives.  By connecting through Equatorius, they could inspire, influence and encourage an entrepreneur whose ideas could shape our world, just by sharing what they know.  It could be the easiest way possible to have the potential to have such a major impact. 

We do this in two ways: online and in person.


We provide access to otherwise unavailable or unaffordable business advice to individuals who are trying to start, grow or improve a business venture — especially in developing markets.


We enable experienced professionals seeking meaningful luxury travel experiences to put their intellect to its best and highest purpose in a way that could radically change the course of an entrepreneur’s life and business on the other side of the world — while providing deep fulfillment in the professional’s own life.


We encourage innovation, facilitate cross-cultural communication and champion human advancement by unleashing the power of intellectual capital and enabling those who have business questions to connect with those who have business answers.

The World Is Changing Fast.  Be An Active Participant.

Why Equatorius

Over the last few decades, more people have been lifted out of poverty than at any other time in human history. We have experienced a sustained episode of falling infant mortality rates, the near eradication of famine outside of war zones, higher education levels, better access to cleaner drinking water and greater access to information than ever before. All things considered, we live on a safer, cleaner and more prosperous planet than we have for several generations; maybe ever.

And there’s a further reason for optimism about the future:  human ingenuity is the ultimate resource.  It’s inexhaustible and unlimited as to how far it can transform our collective challenges into advantages.  Whether you ever thought of it this way or not, what you know is a valuable resource.  Your ideas and creativity are resources.  Creative ideas can only be brought to fruition with the assistance of those who know how to make them happen.  Innovation doesn’t materialize without these resources working together.

In this way, knowledgeable professionals and visionary entrepreneurs need each other.  Together, they can symbiotically create something far greater than the sum of the parts.  Whether you’re a future entrepreneur or an experienced professional, we’re here to help you accomplish your goals.  It’s never been so easy.  Share our vision; join our community; make connections that will change your perspective. 

By making the right connections, you can change the world.

Let’s See What We Can Accomplish Together

Who We Are

We’re professionals. We’re bankers, lawyers, marketing professionals and businesspeople. We wanted to take our collective knowledge and do something that makes a difference. We’ve learned that making a difference doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive or difficult. We want to make it easy. Someone out there needs your advice.

We’re also entrepreneurs. We know the challenges of running a startup. We’ve hit the same roadblocks and have had a lot of the same questions. We’ve found that people out there had solutions to our problems. Someone out there knows the answers to your questions. We want to introduce you to them.


Chief Executive Officer

Laurent is Equatorius’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. With a background in international law, having worked with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda by providing an advisory memorandum on an issue of international law on genocide that was relied upon by the Tribunal to convict multiple war criminals, as well as in finance (with the Global Corporate Investment Banking Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch), Laurent moved on to form Equatorius as a means of bringing her international and business expertise together in a way that could encourage global connections and facilitate innovation and development in emerging markets.


Steven is Equatorius’s Co-Founder. Steven is a partner at the 400+ member law firm Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr. Steven is licensed to practice in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire. He handles a broad array of commercial litigation, business bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation matters for clients throughout the United States and internationally. Steven’s litigation experience includes participating as lead counsel or co-counsel in complex commercial and bankruptcy-related disputes resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.


Chief Technology Officer

Marco is Equatorius’s Chief Technology Officer. Originally from Brazil, Marco moved to the United States to pursue a career in finance as a consultant with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In 2009, Marco traveled to South Africa with the founder of Toms shoes to help further the One for One Movement, which has given over 45 million shoes to children in need all over the globe. Marco then moved on to launch B13 Studio, a creative and innovative web design firm, whereby Marco remains committed to utilizing his skills to make a difference.


Director of Marketing

Alessandra is Equatorius’s Director of Marketing. With significant experience advising on and managing cross cultural brand strategy, Alessandra has launched innumerable international brands in the United States, and positioned US brands for launch overseas. She has collaborated with colleagues all over the world and knows firsthand what can be accomplished when skills are shared across geographical and cultural divides.

Managing Director

Kiran is the Head of Equatorius India and the Executive Director of the Equatorius Entrepreneur Summit. He is also the Founder of Risevertise Media & Helm of Eight, as well as Chapter Director of Startup Grind Mumbai. A law graduate by education, he is a strong proponent of social impact entrepreneurship and is passionate about community building across the startup world.

Managing Director

Puneet is the Mumbai Chapter Director of Equatorius, as well as the Founder of Onyomark, a tech company designed to bridge the gap between SMEs and experts and provide a platform for collaboration for on-demand projects. While still in college, he co-founded a tech venture where he served as the Chief Marketing Officer and lead the strategic side of the business as well.

Business Development

Ahilya leverages her broad and deep network base to propel Equatorius forward in its objective to make meaningful international business connections. In addition to providing business development support for Equatorius, she is also the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Onyomark, the sister company to Equatorius. She recently graduated from Wellesley College and is now based in San Francisco.

Social Media Intern

Elizabeth possess strong knowledge of the digital media landscape, including various social media sites. She’s responsible for contributing to website news feed, monitoring and posting on blogs and social networks, engaging and participating in online outreach and promotion, optimizing our website and conducting keyword analysis.

Content Producer

Zachary is specialized in content creation, communications editorial and operational support for our marketing strategy.

Our approach is designed to create opportunities, both in person and online. Have an impact without leaving your computer. Find the solutions to your business challenges in our community.

Equatorius was established to take advantage of the growing interest in volunteer or philanthropic travel, which has come to be known as voluntourism. Equatorius, however, will be distinct from traditional voluntourism providers by offering opportunities specifically designed for professionals seeking to engage in our unique method of interacting with local communities. Equatorius refers to this as “Expertourism” and we refer to those who participate as “Expertravelers”.

These individuals already have business skills they can utilize when meeting with an entrepreneur during a vacation or while on assignment. Through strategic partnerships, Equatorius will fundamentally change the traditional voluntourism model by providing short term opportunities for luxury travelers to render consulting services to present and aspiring owners and operators of small to mid-size enterprises in emerging markets.



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